• Promote the Queen Margaret of Scotland heritage
  • Foster a shared identity and sense of belonging among member schools
  • Offer an international stage and perspective
  • Provide opportunities for interaction, relationships, and participation

  • Goals

    1 To foster international relations within the association.

  • prepare membership lists and contacts
  • promote student exchanges
  • promote school visits for staff
  • promote combined tours for students
  • promote staff professional development at educational conferences

    2 To promote a common heritage.
  • tell the Queen Margaret story
  • share common symbols
  • develop the QMSGSA web page
  • promote QMSGSA to member schools
  • archive material to the St. Margaret's Chapel Guild

    3 To plan and coordinate activities/events.
  • exchange school calendars
  • promote special events
  • network via E-mail
  • meet in the United States in 2001
  • plan future events and activities

    4 To raise the profile of QMSGSA
  • for travel
  • for events

  • Vision 2010

  • To be a well-recognized, highly regarded international association of girls' schools who share the common heritage of Queen Margaret of Scotland
  • To have established a range of programs and activities for faculty, staff, and students between schools
  • To have a profile that attracts sponsorship and support of our programs and activities
  • To educate our students to an international perspective

  • Queen Margaret of Scotland Girls' Schools Association 2006
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