QMSGSA meeting Edinburgh, Scotland July 2003

(l. to r.) Avril Cooper (SMBSFG Valparaiso, Chile), Helen McDonald (SMS Berwick, Australia), Marlene de Villiers (SMS Bushey, England), Ann Mildenhall (QMC Wellington, New Zealand), Sally Duncanson (SMS Edinburgh, Scotland), Margaret Broad (SMS Tappahannock, Virginia USA), May Chew (SMS Singapore), Geoffrey Chapman (SMS York, England) - Not pictured but attending the meeting: Lyn McKay (SMS Aberdeen) and Caroline Lee (SMS Singapore).

Choir Tour 2005

Schools participating:

Victor Clayton   -   SMS Canada
James Ugawa   -  SMS Japan
Claudia Wysocki   -   SMS Christchurch NZ
Margaret Broad   -   SMS USA
Avril Cooper   -   SMS Chile
Caroline Lee   -   SMS Singapore
Helen McDonald   -   SMS Australia
Ann Mildenhall   -   SMS Wellington NZ
Lyn McKay   -   SMS Aberdeen
Marlene de Villiers   -   SMS Bushey, London
Sally Duncanson   -  SMS Edinburgh
Geoffrey Chapman   -  QMS York

Tentative dates for the Choir Tour

• Majority of schools to arrive in Bushey, London Sunday, 20th March
• Some schools may arrive on Friday or Saturday - to enable touring
• 22nd all schools meeting in Bushey - performance, practice
• 25th to Edinburgh
• Perform 26th and 28th?
• 29th to York
• Perform on 30th
• Sightsee York 31st
• Leave Friday, 1st April

Choir Tour Notes

• Girls over 13 in age - no more than 20 girls and 3 staff per school
• Discussion as to possible time and locations (bases) for trip
• Possibility of Easter for 2 week UK trip
• 2 performances - one in York, one in Edinburgh
• Schools to organize any remaining touring
• Possibility of performance at Edinburgh Castle - Marlene de Villiers to enquire / organize
• Timing - when Bushey School and Edinburgh University are on holiday
• Total 220 girls and 40 staff (adults)
• Aberdeen and Bushey to organize visit to Dunfermline for whole group
• Heads of Music to form Email group - Directors from Christchurch and Bushey to oversee
• Costs - internal transport, venues, any shared meals. Develop a package price. Pricing of program etc. To be carried out by schools directly involved (Bushey, York and Edinburgh)

QMSGSA heads visit St. Margaret's Chapel, Edinburgh Castle, Scotland July 2003

(l. to r.) Ann Mildenhall (QMC Wellington, New Zealand), Marlene de Villiers (SMS Bushey, England), Margaret Broad (SMS Tappahannock, Virginia USA), Avril Cooper (SMBSFG Valparaiso, Chile), Helen McDonald (SMS Berwick, Australia)

Current Status of QMSGSA Exchanges

• Edinburgh sends GAP students to Christchurch.
• Aberdeen considering exchange with Berwick
• Tappahannock GAP students from Berwick
• Tappahannock Year 10 exchange with Berwick
• Tappahannock Year 11 exchange with Wellington
• Tappahannock Teacher exchange with Berwick (have sent 2)
• Chile would be very interested in teacher exchange - particularly from UK (2-3 weeks). Would also like student exchanges (2-3 weeks)
• Singapore - exchanges Kilvington, Hong Kong and Japan, but not yet SMS schools. Interested in exchanges for staff and students. Primary level music exchanges with Sweden, Perth, Melbourne.
• Australia - student exchanges with York, Tappahannock and both New Zealand schools. GAP placements with York and Tappahannock, Staff exchange Tappahannock
• Wellington - exchanges with Tokyo, USA and Australia
• Bushey - GAP exchanges with Australia (Sydney), USA, Hungary, Germany, Tokyo. Happy to host exchanges from SMS schools.

Current Status of QMSGSA Membership

QMSGSA Member Schools
Full list and contact info

Melbourne, Australia
Wellington, New Zealand
Christchurch, New Zealand

QMSGSA meeting notes

• Caroline Lee to enquire whether the St Margaret School in Brunei fits the same criteria.
• We would like to welcome as new members, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Chile and Singapore.
• The new schools should send all relevant information to David Broad (via Margaret) to add to website.
• Helen McDonald to co-ordinate QMSGSA group due to Ann's departure.
• Marlene de Villiers, assisted by her staff, will co-ordinate the trip.
• Helen McDonald to enquire of Heads which key conferences (with dates) take place in their countries (Coalition, Alliance, GSA, etc)
• 2007 - next meeting in Chile ??
• 2005 - next meeting in Singapore in July - 15th or 18th - visit Agape ??
• Each Head to send to Helen McDonald their program for their Queen Margaret Day Service, School Songs, Prayers for distribution to all members of the group.
• At the Choir trip - schools could all sing the St Margaret's School Hymn - Marlene de Villiers to circulate a copy.
• All Schools to add members of QMSGSA to their mailing lists for School Magazines, Annual Reports, etc.

Agape Orphanage - QMSGSA Service Project

Helen McDonald to email details of Agape to everyone. Schools to decide their own ability to participate. Direct contact will be established.

Queen Margaret of Scotland Girls' Schools Association 2006
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