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QMSGSA meeting Victoria BC Canada - July 2005

From left to right, back row: Geoffrey Chapman, QMS York, England; Margaret Broad, SMS Virginia, USA; Claudia Wysocki, SMS Christchurch, NZ; Pat Rowantree, QMS Duncan, Canada; Sylvia Khoo, SMS Singapore; Victor Clayton, SMS Victoria, Canada; From left to right, front row: Lyn McKay, SMS Aberdeen, Scotland; Helen McDonald, SMS Melbourne, Australia; Marlene de Villiers, SMS Bushey, England; Elsie Poey, SMS Singapore;

QMSGSA Schools Heads meet in Victoria, BC Canada, July 2005
QMSGSA Schools Choir Tour England & Scotland, March-April 2005
QMSGSA Schools Heads meet in Edinburgh, Scotland, July 2003

QMSGSA schools taking part in the choir tour represented Australia, Canada, Chile, Japan, England (Bushey
and York), New Zealand (Christchurch and Wellington), Scotland (Aberdeen and Edinburgh) and Singapore.
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As An International Association of Girls' Schools...
We promote international perspectives on global issues and events. We believe that opportunities for exchange, celebration, experience, and understanding of our global community, are something that every girl deserves the chance to realize or experience for herself. Additionally, through faculty and staff exchange programs, we aim to put into practice teaching strategies and approaches that work best for girls.

A Brief History of "Margaret" Schools...
In 1997, the heads of several Australian girls' boarding schools met at a National Coalition of Girls Schools conference. At this conference, Virginia Henry, then Principal of St. Margaret's School-Berwick, in Victoria, Australia, introduced the idea of an exchange program between international boarding high schools. E-mail correspondence on the subject ensued between St. Margaret's School Headmistress Margaret Broad, in Tappahannock, Virginia, USA, and Virginia Henry. The possibility of an exchange program between the two St. Margaret's Schools was discussed for more than a year. It was decided that two St. Margaret's School-Berwick students would spend a trimester studying in Tappahannock, followed by two St. Margaret's School-Virginia, students traveling to Berwick for a trimester of study in Australia.

In January 1999, Principal Henry's vision became a reality. St. Margaret's School-Berwick sophomores Hilary Duffy and Adrienne Richards arrived in Tappahannock, Virginia, to spend three months studying at St. Margaret's School in the United States. Duffy, a day student, lived with then tenth-grade class president Britton Faulkner at her home in White Stone, VA. Richards, a boarding student, lived in Latane dormitory, and roomed with sophomore Carol Combs of Statesboro, GA. Read press release.

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